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To Challenge.

Our centre’s curriculum is guided by the elements of the Early Years Learning Framework – Learning Outcomes, Practices and Principles.

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What’s Happening @ Kinda-Mindi

Families are invited to attend the centre in celebration of Mother's Day. All mothers, grandmothers, aunts and other important, influential women in the children's lives are welcome to attend. Please see your service for more specific details.
Mother's Day Afternoon Tea
From 3pm / Kellyville: Tuesday 9th May / Glendenning: Thursday 11th May
Our services will have special events for families to be involved in during this week. We invite all families to join in!
National Families Week
15th - 21st May 2017 / See your service for specific days and times.
This is a highly interactive show where children are given the opportunity to see and touch real sealife! This is one of our favourite workshops and we hope everyone can attend.
Rangers on the Run - Under the Sea
Tuesday 23rd May 2017 / 10.00am
Over the course of two weeks, the children will have the opportunity to watch chickens hatch from eggs and maintain their care and wellbeing before they return to the farm.
Living Eggs
Monday 22nd May - Friday 2nd June 2017 / Glendenning
This is the first in a series of 3 workshops from the Life Education Centre. The workshops will run across consecutive days at the centre. This first workshop is about road safety.
Life Education Centre - Harold's Summer Holiday
Kellyville: 5th June / Glendenning: 13th June / 10.00am
This is the second of three workshops from the Life Education Centre. This workshops is about healthy lifestyle choices - including food and beverages.
Life Education Centre - Harold's Healthy Play Day
Kellyville: 6th June / Glendenning: 14th June / 10.00am
This is the third of three workshops from the Life Education Centre. This workshop focuses on emotional wellbeing, sense of belonging and connecting with others.
Life Education Centre - Harold's Thankful Heart
Kellyville: 7th June / Glendenning: 15th June / 10.00am