21 Dec 2019

Bluey’s Christmas Special

The Anticipated Bluey Christmas Special Episode

Bluey the most acclaimed children animated TV show aired in ABC launch their special Christmas episode of Bluey- Veranda Santa, on Thursday 12th December at 6:20 pm. This came as a surprise and triggers excitement among the fans considering the Bluey series was to start its second season in February 2020.
Bluey Series
Bluey is an Australian based animated television series that follows the life of the Heeler family. The setting of the show is in Brisbane cand the protagonist of the play is a Blue Heeler puppy, popularly known as Bluey.

In the play, Bluey is often filled with energy, curiosity, and imagination, and is always willing to explore the world. The Heeler family is composed of Bandit and Chilli Bluey’s dad and mum, Bingo- Bluey’s sister, Bluey himself and the extended members of the family.
The show focuses mostly on Bluey’s search for adventure with his younger sister, and their parents who are always caring, yet strict. The series mainly focuses on Australian culture, it’s no wonder it has the highest viewership in Australia. Themes in the show surround family, and kids growing up in Australia. Moreover, each dog in the Heeler family represents a particular type of dog breed.

The New Christmas Episode- Verandah Santa
The anticipated new Bluey Christmas episode is mainly centered on Christmas and family in the Heeler family. The new episode ‘Verandah Santa will focus on Bluey, Bandit, Chilli, and Bingo playing an interesting game which will show who has been more naughty in the household and who has been more nice in the household. From this you can already guess who is naughty and who is nice in the Heeler family.
Although Bluey is mainly a kid’s show, fans range from adults, teenagers to kids, this is due to education and entertainment derived from the show. The trailer of the new episode is out and the date is set, stay tuned for your favorite show.

Have you watched the episode yet? See the below:



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