14 Apr 2021

Games To Play With Your Newborn to 12 Month Old

Finding interactive games to play with your baby can be overwhelming especially when you’re a new parent.

We’ve taken a few games suggested by Playgroup Australia, to share some low-cost options for each stage of your baby’s development.

Baby’s Under Three Months

Looking in the Mirror

A very simple activity, hold a mirror in front of your baby and they can explore what they like .


Let your baby’s eyes follow items that you fly through the air. Move your face, a toy in front of there gaze

Baby’s 3- 6 Months

Listening Is Fun 

Using dry pasta, rice or any other dry kitchen items, place them into a plastic container  ( making sure it’s  sealed) Shake the container to your baby’s side and behind them and see if they can find it.

Baby’s 6- 9 Months

Where’s Teddy?

Hide a toy in one room of the house and carry your baby from room to room saying ‘Where’s teddy’ and telling them what rooms you are looking in.

Roll the ball

Roll a soft, brightly coloured ball to your baby and teach them how to stop it and push it back to you.


Baby’s 9 – 12 months

Music from the kitchen

Make fun instruments from up-turned pots and pans with wooden spoons, or two saucepan lids for symbols. Use your instruments to explore different concepts such as loud and soft, fast and slow.


Try them out for yourself