Kinda-Mindi Glendenning

Address: 2 Stone St, Glendenning 2761
Address: 2 Stone St, Glendenning 2761

Why choose Kinda-Mindi Glendenning

Kinda-Mindi Glendenning Childcare and Early Learning Centre aims to motivate, stimulate and challenge children every day in a safe environment that fosters growth and excellence in early learning for children aged 6 weeks to 6 years. Kinda-Mindi Glendenning is a 90 place centre open between 7.00am – 6pm 50 weeks of the year.

Glendenning is a beautiful centre across 4 rooms with a great team of long standing Educators that provides continuity for the children. We also have a wonderful outdoor play that encourages risky play with our Glendenning Centre right in the heart of the local community of St Francis of Assisi Primary School.

The team of qualified Educators at Glendenning are passionate, professional educators trained for care and early learning education. We believe in the rights of the child and we live by our motto to motivate, stimulate and challenge children to explore their interests in an engaging environment.

We have a qualified cook on site that prepares freshly cooked meals every day following all the important nutritional guidelines.

Kinda-Mindi Glendenning is a great choice for your child

As you would expect, we have qualified Educators, but the Kinda-Mindi difference is that we have dedicated time for programming to ensure your child has the best early education.

Our School readiness program extends your child’s journey with us from the start. We focus on all aspects of the child to ensure they are ready, academically and socially. 

We use a very simple and intuitive communication app called Kinderloop. You will receive regular updates on all elements of your childs journey with us from daily updates to policy reviews.

We are an all inclusive service that means we provide, freshly cooked hot meals, Nappies and wipes, sunscreen, hats and bed linen. We just ask you to provide a change of clothes.

Visit Glendenning Today

Kinda-Mindi Glendenning is right in the centre of a vibrant community area directly opposite St Francis of Assisi Primary School

For quality childcare services in Glendenning, visit Kinda-Mindi Glendenning at 2 Stone Street, Glendenning, NSW 2761. You may also contact us on 1300 11 44 40 and book a tour of our amazing centre

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