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Our Approach

It is our aim at Kinda Mindi Early Learning Centre to motivate, stimulate and challenge children in a safe, secure and nurturing environment where families are comfortable to share the early years of their child’s growth and development with us.

To Motivate, Stimulate and Challenge

Our Early Learning Centre Curriculum

Our centre’s curriculum is guided by the elements of the Early Years Learning Framework – Learning Outcomes, Practices and Principles. Through a play-based curriculum, we aim to create confident, resilient children who are open to new opportunities and experiences.

We encourage children to be responsible for their own learning by investigating and questioning themselves and their surroundings in order to expand their curiosity and reach their full potential. We also encourage children to share interests and curiosities, socialise, express emotions and above all, have fun whilst our qualified educators provide support through intentional teaching to complement their current projects and interests. We believe this provides a solid base for each child’s further education including a positive transition to school.

Support & Guidance

We expect all staff, families, children and visitors at the centre to respect each other and we recognise that respect comes from knowledge and understanding. We take the knowledge given to us of each person’s beliefs, values and needs and use it to educate others in regards to different life paths and choices including personal beliefs, cultural and linguistic differences and other additional needs including disabilities. By doing this, we hope that all those who attend our centre develop a reciprocal respect for diversity and a commitment to equality which will also give the children the confidence that their identities, abilities and strengths are (and should always be) recognised and valued.

We believe a child’s education begins in the home and our responsibility is to support and collaborate with families in order to provide children with the best start in life. Families are a critical component of the development and implementation of our centre policies and curriculum. By working together, with open, two-way communication and shared decision-making, we can support and guide each child in creating a better future for themselves and the world around them.

Encouraged to Explore

Our team of early childhood educators facilitate each child’s learning and development by encouraging the exploration of the child’s understandings of themselves and the wider community. Our educators maintain consistency between each child’s home life and the centre environment by creating a loving, caring and secure place to be.

It is the responsibility of the educators to provide choices, set limits and continually challenge the children whilst ensuring their health and wellbeing is always supported. It is also the educator’s responsibility to ensure they are caring and supportive of each other, promoting professionalism and ethical conduct. Management will ensure that all educators at the centre are highly trained and qualified to provide the best standard of care. Our educators are continually educating themselves to ensure we provide a higher quality of care and education to all children.

Management & Leadership

Our management will ensure the longevity and consistency of the centre by providing guidance, leadership and support to all staff, children and families at the centre with suitable and adequate facilities and resources. It is also the responsibility of Management to ensure there are clear policies and procedures in place to guide the effective operation of the centre at all times. Management provides opportunities for all staff, families and children to be involved in the continuous evaluation and improvement of such policies and procedures on a regular basis.

We look to our community to assist us in supporting the needs of the children and families at the centre. We utilise services in our community for resources, education and training for all staff, children and families. We believe it is important to have reciprocal relationships and partnerships with all aspects of our local and wider community to support our children’s education and wellbeing.

What’s Happening @ Kinda-Mindi
Hearing Awareness Week
Sun 25th February - Sat 3rd March
Schools Clean Up Day
Friday 2nd March / See Individual Services for Events
*Castle Hill - 6th/7th/8th *Kellyville - 12th/13th *Acres Road - 14th/15th/16th *Glendenning - 20th/21st/22nd *See your individual services for order forms.
School Photos - March 2018
Darren's Images / All services
**Acres Road - Friday 26th February **Kellyville - Friday 2nd March **Castle Hill - Friday 16th March **Glendenning - Friday 23rd March **All services will have two shows for children aged 3-5 years - 10am & 11am
Life Education Centre Visits - Healthy Harold
Harold's Healthy Play Day / All Services
Everything green! All educators and children are welcome to wear green on this day.
Green Day
Friday 16th March / In recognition of St Patrick's Day - Sat 17th March
All families are encouraged to bring along a plate of food for the children to share for lunch and/or snack on this day. The food you provide will represent your culture, nationality or just your family's favourite dish. (Ingredient lists are required due to allergy and dietary requirements)
Harmony Day
Wednesday 21st March / Buffet Lunch
Earth Hour
Sunday 24th March / 8.30pm
All services are closed on this day. REMINDER: Family's are not charged for public holidays.
Public Holiday
Friday 31st March / Good Friday
All services are closed on this day. REMINDER: Family's are not charged for public holidays.
Public Holiday
Monday 3rd April / Easter Monday