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12 Dec 2019

Best Books to Read This Christmas

Best Parenting Books to Read This Christmas

Parenting is an exciting time for a new parent who wants to put in their best for their child. However, it’s crucial to know that even the best parents in the world sometimes need the help of a book to figure out parenting. Parenting books are meant to inform you on what to expect, guide you how to handle you children and calm you down in case you notice rebellion in your children. The following books are must read parenting books this Christmas.

Keep Calm: The New Mum Manual by Dr. Ellie Canon

This book is essential for a new mum who is struggling at being a new mum.  The book will guide you on what to do so that your child can eat on a schedule, sleep throughout the night, and you can rest. The book illustrates how each baby is different and mom’s need to trust their instinct.

The Whole –Brain Child by Daniel j. Siegel

Parents can learn how a child’s brain is constantly developing. With the knowledge of their brain, parents can learn how to raise their children. The book outlines several developmental strategies for parents to use in raising their kids the right way.

French Kids Eat Everything by Karen Le Billion

This book is essential for parents whose kids constantly throw tantrums when eating. The book will help you learn how to help your kid stop being choosy and fussy with food like the French.

Simplicity Parenting by Ballantine Books

In this book parents learn to simplify the overloads of a child’s life to ensure they are calm and safe. Today’s world is filled with TV, video games, social media, school, etc. By reading the book you will help your child learn how to simplify their lives.

The Happiest Kids in the World by Experiment Press

This book guides parents on how to raise their kids with a little freedom. Parents should learn to be less attached to their kids and allow the child to be freer in making some minor decisions.

There is no such thing as perfect parenting, however, by reading these books you can align yourself and become a better parent to your kids.

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