11 Mar 2021

What is Risk Play?

risk play

What is Risky Play?

Children need opportunities to problem solve as will as the opportunity to explore and take risks, however, they should do this in a safe environment. Risk play allows children to develop in three key areas. Physically, Emotionally & Mentally.

Physically: developing the strength to climb a little higher, run with more speed or jump just that bit further.
Emotionally: testing themselves to see if they can overcome fear
Mentally: challenges themselves to get out of troubling situations, let’s them learn their own boundaries and the environment around them

On the flip side, children who don’t engage in risky play are more likely to be clumsy, less physically fit, have little control over motor skills, feel uncomfortable in their own body, have poor balance, a fear of rapid movement and will be less able to manage risk.

Providing a safe environment

It’s Kinda-Mindi’s responsibility to provide a safe environment that allows our children to enjoy the benefits of risky play, without any serious injuries taking place. Each opportunity is review similarly to the below:

  • Risk assess the areas used daily
  • Ensure health and safety procedures and policies are being followed
  • Make sure all children are safe and protected in all weathers
  • Ensure equipment is safe and age and stage appropriate
  • Make sure all children are included and can take part
  • Develop activities to the needs of the child and their next steps
  • Reflect on what works and what does not work and why

If you have any further questions about risky play, be sure to discuss this with your centre director.